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Product introduction

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Performance Characteristics:
a. PP decorative foil doesn’t include metal harmful substances, such as Lead, Cadmium and Formaldehyde etc. It hasn’t peculiar smell and harm to health.
b. Visual sense of painted pattern on PP decorative foil is really true to life.
c. Surface of the foil handled by special material has function of abrasion resistance, stain resistance and electrostatic prevention. It could reduce production’s cost because of no necessary of UV paint process and reduce Formaldehyde’s release to protect environment.
d. Being used in door color of patterns on surface of PP decorative foil can’t fade, white is never changed to yellow.
e. Surface of the foil has function of stain resistance and electrostatic prevention. It is very easy to clean with ordinary cleaner.
f. There is no color difference on products in same batch.
g. PP decorative foil has function of flat press, vacuum press, module press, and special shape coat press, it is very easy to be used in following process.
h. PP decorative foil is well sealed against water vapor and Formaldehyde’s penetration.
i. No gumming in humility environment
j. PP foil passes through SGS test concerning the EU REACH.
k. Waste water, waste gas and waste residues can’t be presented during producing process. There is no pollution to environment.
l. All kinds of design and color patterns which are really true to life in PP decorative foil are provided to customers. Special custom processing from customers are available.

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