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Product introduction

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Merit (comparison with PVC):
a. Melting point of PP foil is temperature of 168 centigrade, PP foil begins to be soft over 130 centigrade. Melting point of PVC film is temperature of 70 centigrade, over 40 it begins to be soft.
b. There is almost no Formaldehyde in PP material, no harmful material is released in burning. Polypropylene (PP) as the raw material of pp foil is non- poisonous,  tasteless, and heat-resisting, corrosion resisting. 
c. Abrasion resistance, stain resistance, easy clean, and fastness color a long time.
d. Strong ability in cold resistance and high temperature resistance, no risk of brittle fracture in temperature of minus 30 centigrade in winter and no deformation in temperature below 130 centigrade.
e. By function of flat press, vacuum press, module press, and special shape coat press, PP foil is very easy to be used in following process.
f. Strong ability against bad weather by characteristics of Uv damage resistance, waterproof, and moisture proof.
g. All kinds of design and color patterns on PP decorative foil which are really true to life would be satisfied to customers.
h. Customization of design and color patterns from customers can be provided.

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